Briefly Introduce Us

                                       Lamon® (Water Filter Top )is a water filter developed by a HK company. Thousands of households are already using them to make tap water safe and delicious.

                                       Our products have obtained the International Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015  certificate and the International Environmental Management System ISO

                                       14001:2015 certificate.


                                       Our product has all necessary certificates, which not only confirms its effectiveness but also confirms its safety. Our technology is protected by over 100 European

                                       and American patents, and our products are certified according to international and national standards.


                                       You can start with the easiest filter to use -Countertop Water Filter System. But if you are ready to take a bigger step forward, we suggest that you immediately

                                       switch to more efficient water treatment systems: the new generation of offline  Reverse Osmosis Tankless Water Filter System RO001, and Lamon LW-03

                                       Countertop Water Filter System

Our Products